• The ultimate hard-to-pull-off haircuts!

    There are several hard-to-pull-off hairstyles that you will see being sported by Hairdressers in London, kids in Dalston, young and trendy celebrities (mainly rock stars’ daughters) and a number of brave souls exiting their favourite hair salon in Soho.

    The vast majority of us go to our hairdressers and ask for ‘just a few inches off’, or ‘just a few layers’, with a main priority being looking both attractive and stylish. If we feel like being daring, often celebrities are looked-upon for style inspiration, and yet so many celebrities are exhibiting a variety of unmentionable haircuts, disguised as modern-day fashion statements.

    What are these notoriously daring hairstyles? The Bowl Cut, the Perm and of course, an old classic – the Mullet! All in fashion at one point and now making women the world-over cringe when looking back at old photos, these three styles when done wrong epitomise a hair crises in action.

    So how would one successfully pull one of these haircuts off? Look to the young and the fabulous for inspiration.

    Alexa Chung with her style icon status has been wearing her hair in a variety of toned-down versions of the mullet for years – with her central London hairdresser describing her hair as the ‘modern mullet’. Following on the model theme, Agnes Deyn’s full-on black bowl cut has been the centre of some debate, it’s bold, it’s brave and it’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. For various other inspiration for channelling The Beatles-chic look to Willow Smith or for a more updated, softer bowl-cut look toward Danni Minogue who has gone ‘bowl’ for autumn winter 2011/2012 styled by an Australian hair-stylist Kevin Murphy who has just opened a new salon in central London. This is all proof that these old classics are still alive and thriving.

    Another 80s iconic style (and treatment preferred by nans across the country) known as the ‘Perm’ has not managed to make quite the same comeback however. The last perm most people remember is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (and what a perm it was!). An ever-popular style not 20 years ago and yet, if you walked into a trendy Central London Salon and asked for a perm, jaws would hit the floor.

    Why hasn’t the Perm stood the test of time with a modern, updated version being donned by the fashion pack and hairdressers in central London? Well, it’s probably only a matter of time.

    So the tricks to take from celebrities to pulling off the ultimately unflattering Mullet or the Bowl-cut seems to be going to a top soho hair salon (or take your pick of first-class Hair Salons in London), being under the age of 30, preferably extremely good looking and an unapologetic style icon. Or for the rest of us, when arriving at your local hair salon London or otherwise, ask for a much, much more toned down version of the old-classic in question. Be careful though, as there are many London Hairdressers who would jump at the chance of giving you the most extreme style. Take pictures and be firm in your wishes.

    And finally, avoid the Perm – for now!



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