How we work

At Pierpoint you’ll experience contemporary, creative hairdressing at its best.

We’re playful in spirit, eclectic in our influences and precise in our craft; and we’re inspired by the power of great hairdressing to help people look and feel their best – everyday.

Daniel Pierpoint

I work with the individual nature of each client’s hair to create something that is totally unique to them.

Daniel Pierpoint
Creative Director

We bring out your best you

We’re all of us unique; each with our distinct traits, tastes and aspirations, our own style and image.

For many of us, our hair is a critical piece of the jigsaw. When we feel good about our hair, it can have a profound and positive effect on our daily lives – shaping more than the way we look, but the way we feel.

Shouldn’t every day be a good hair day?

Stylish men's hairdresser
You Are Art

We work with your nature

The way that hair behaves and grows, differs from one person to the next.

We take time to understand the distinct nature and unique characteristics of your hair. You’ll notice that we might even style your hair before we commit to cutting it.

We believe that it’s nature that leads when it comes to shaping the best cut.

We build your trust

Great hairdressing is a dialogue between two people.

Find a hairdressers that “gets you” and “gets it right, every time” – and you’ll form a powerful and enduring relationship.

Whilst your tastes and aspirations may change over the course of that relationship, we’ll work hard to ensure that one thing stays consistent: trust.

Pierpoint Client

To my mind, Dan is a genius.

Client since 2003